Sparkwell Farmers’ Market

Farmer’s Market temporarily cancelled

Hello everyone,

So sorry to bring bad news…

In line with the latest government advice to ‘avoid non-essential contact’, the Farmers’ Market will not go ahead this month. Currently, there are no plans to cancel privately organised events or other regular activities at the hall.  Please check with individual organisers for potential cancellations.

We will of course, keep you up to date of any changes.

Hall Management Committee
21:30 – 17th March 2020

Sparkwell Parish Hall is now holding its very own Farmer’s market.

We have a variety of stalls selling everything from local farm reared beef, lamb, chicken and pork. Homemade jams, chutneys and pickles. Pies, breads and veg to name just a few.

Our breakfast cafe will be serving full English breakfast, bacon rolls, croissants and pancakes and of course tea and coffee.
Come for breakfast and look round the many stalls on offer, we’re confident there’s something for everyone.

Our markets will be held on the last Sunday of every month. (Decembers market dates may change due to our Christmas Fair – see Bookings Calendar for dates)

Stalls cost £10 (Money will be collected on the door)

To Book a Stall, please fill in the booking form below, or contact us to make a general enquiry.

Food Safety Guidance for Farmers’ Market Traders in Devon

Sparkwell Parish Hall, Farmers’ Market Terms of Agreement 2018 V1.1

1. Fresh or processed meat must have come from animals reared by the producer and processed by the producer; no GM feed may be used in the production.
2. Fresh fish/shell fish/crabs and lobsters must have been landed at ports only in Somerset/Devon or Cornwall. No pre frozen fish is permitted.
3. Fresh or processed poultry must have come from birds or gamebirds reared by the producer, no GM feed may be used in production and notice of any anti biotic used must be clearly displayed.
4. The principal producer or employee involved in the production of the items on sale must be at the stand and only own products must be sold. Approval to sell other products must be sought from the management committee.
5. Only products submitted to and approved by the management committee may be sold.
6. All produce must be clearly labelled and priced.
7. Stands must be neat and tidy, and producers are responsible for clearing litter around their stall at the end of the market.
8. This is a no smoking market; therefore, any producers wishing to smoke during a market must do so at the rear of the hall.
9. Complaints must be made to the chairman of Sparkwell Parish hall or any of its management committee members.
10. The decision of the management committee will be final and furthermore the committee reserve the right to change the rules without prior notice.

11. Sparkwell Parish Hall reserves the right to photograph and/or video any space, person or stall, in relation to the Farmers’ Market and to use any such photographs or video footage for promoting the Hall and future Farmers’ Markets.